Super Bowl 2024: These products are a must! (2024)

Super Bowl 2024: These products are a must! (1)

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The 58th Super Bowl – the final of the US National Football League (NFL) – will take place on the night of February 11th to 12th, 2024.

Do you want to watch the game with friends? Then there are various products that cannot be missed.

For example oneHot air fryer for making crispy fries and chicken wings*,original snacks from the USA* or the appropriate onesMerchandising-Articles.*

Super Bowl 2024: These products are a must! (2)

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TheSuper Bowl 2024is getting closer: To be more precise, the time has come in the night from next Sunday to Monday, i.e. from February 11th to 12th. The 58th final game of the National Football League (NFL) in American football will be an absolute sporting highlight, like every year. In this country too, more and more people are becoming enthusiastic about the top event. Are you also an NFL fan and are you planning to watch the game? To ensure you have an unforgettable night with your friends, you should equip yourself with the most important equipment. You can read here which products will sweeten (or make) your Super Bowl sweeter.

The most important information about the Super Bowl 2024 at a glance

But first, the most important information about the upcoming NFL event at a glance:

  • When is the game played? The match starts on Monday, February 12th at 0:30 a.m. German time.
  • Who plays? This time the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers are in the NFL final.
  • Where is the game played? The venue is Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Who will perform at the halftime show? This time, R&B star Usher will provide entertainment during halftime.

Hot air fryer for crispy snacks: Philips Airfryer

First things first: Of course, delicious snacks are a must at the Super Bowl. A hot air fryer is actually indispensable so that you can prepare fries, chicken nuggets and vegetables crispy. Compared to deep-frying in liters of oil, dishes here are cooked through the circulation of hot air. With this air fryer principle you are still relatively healthy. A good model is thisPhilips Essential Airfryer XL (HD9270/90), which is currently available at Media Markt for 144.99 euros*- This can be used to prepare portions for up to five people.In 2018, another model of the Philips Airfryer was the test winner at Stiftung Warentest.

Philips Essential Airfryer XL (HD9270/90) – hot air fryer with touchscreen – 144.99 euros at Media Markt*

Savings: 45.00 euros (23 percent)
Notice: Price and availability in the shop may vary

The most important technical details at a glance:

  • principle: Rapid Air hot air technology
  • Performance: 2.000 Watt
  • capacity: 1.2 kilograms (6.2 liters)
  • Automatic programs: seven (frozen snacks, fresh chips, meat, fish, chicken legs, cakes, grilled vegetables)

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3 tips for hot air fryers: How to find the right air fryer for your kitchen

Streaming as if you were there live: NFL Game Pass for 0.99 euros on Dazn

The Super Bowl 2024 will be broadcast live on RTL and therefore free of charge on German television.With the NFL Game Pass on Dazn you can get the entire original US broadcast in your home - and for just 0.99 euros.* That means you'll hear the original commentary and you'll even see the US commercials - if that doesn't give you the right Super Bowl feeling.

Advantages of NFL Game Pass at a glance

  • 31 days access
  • Super Bowl broadcast live and on demand
  • Apple Music halftime show with Usher performing
  • Complete US original broadcast including commercials
  • The highlights of the season and the playoffs

Watch Super Bowl 2024 on your mobile with Vodafone

Are you on the go while the Super Bowl is being broadcast or do you want to relax and watch on your smartphone or tablet? Then you can also watch the spectacle on mobile devices thanks to GigaTV Cable from Vodafone and the associated mobile app.The offer is currently free for six months, after which you pay 14.99 euros per month*with a minimum term of 24 months.

Streaming deal of the year at

There's an absolute blast going on at will receive the Waipu.tv4K-Sticktogether with thePerfect Plus annual packageforone-off 59.99 eurosplus 4.99 euros shipping costs.*Additionally there isFree twelve months of streaming on Paramount Plus. Thanks to the television package, you can of course also watch the Super Bowl 2024. And the TV streaming offer is also impressive in other ways: you save a total of around 250.00 euros, because you would have to pay 12.99 euros per month for Waipu Perfect Plus and 7.99 euros per month for Paramount Plus. The 4K stick usually costs 59.99 euros when purchased individually.

Stream Super Bowl 2024 with 1 year of television + 1 year of Paramount+ for free 4K stick with Perfect Plus package + Paramount Plus – streaming and television – 59.99 euros one-time at*

Savings: 250.00 euros for twelve months
Notice: Price and availability in the shop may vary

The right outfits for Super Bowl evening

There are numerous merchandising items online so that you can be dressed appropriately for the Super Bowl. How about a cuddly oneNFL-Hoodie* or a shirt in the design of your favorite team? Tip: It's best to order quickly so that the clothes arrive in time.

Hoodie Kansas City Chiefs

New Era Hoodie Kansas City Chiefs – NFL-Team-Hoodie – 79,90 Euro bei Amazon*

Notice: Price and availability in the shop may vary

Fanshirt San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers fan shirt – NFL fan shirt in jersey design – 52.95 euros at Amazon*

Savings: 2.00 euros (4 percent)
Notice: Price and availability in the shop may vary

NFL Hoodie

New Era NFL Hoodie Team Logo – NFL hoodie – from 39.95 euros on Ebay*

Notice: Price and availability in the shop may vary

Sweet, salty, sour – the main thing is that it’s staged

A selection of snacks is a must for the Super Bowl. Matching the NFL event there isPackages of well-known brands of sweets, snacks and drinks from the USA.* As befits your status, you can then use one, for exampleSnack-Helm* or in one“Snackadium” for self-filling.*

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According to Stiftung Warentest: This is the best television

“Very good” picture: The best TV for the Super Bowl

Televisions are not exactly cheap purchases. But if you're looking for a new device anyway and want to enjoy the Super Bowl with sharp images and rich sound, you should probably buy it now.In the latest test by Stiftung Warentesthe couldLG OLED B39LA*as the best large television with a grade of 1.8. The test winner from Stiftung Warentest is characterized above all by itsvery good pictureout of. Added to this is its good sound. The handling of the 4K television was also rated as good. With the 65-inch smart TV you can definitely enjoy the Super Bowl in top quality.

Buy test-winning televisions on Ebay

LG OLED65B39LA – 4K television (65 inches) – 1,499.00 euros on Ebay*

Savings: 50.00 euros (39 percent)
Discount Code: POWEREBAY5
Notice: Price and availability in the shop may vary

The most important technical details at a glance:

  • Display: OLED, 65 inches (165 centimeters)
  • Refresh rate: 100 Hertz
  • Bild: 4K Ultra HD, AI Brightness Control, HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping, AI Picture Pro, Filmmaker Mode
  • Ton: virtueller 5.1.2-Surround Sound, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision

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Super Bowl 2024: These products are a must! (15)

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Super Bowl 2024: These products are a must! (2024)


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