Google Messages vs Samsung Messages: Differences and Similarities (2023)

Samsung Galaxy devices let you use Samsung Messages or Google Messages. Samsung Messages was the default messaging app for Samsung phones, but phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra have now joined other Android phones (like the Google Pixel) in making Google Messages the default.

But which is the better SMS app? In this article, we’ll look at the differences between Google Messages and Samsung Messages to get a better idea of which will give you the best messaging experience.

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    The User Interface (UI)

    The UI for bothGoogle Messagesand Samsung Messages are visually very similar and have few differences in terms of functionality.

    In both apps, conversations are displayed with the sender’s name or number and a snippet of the latest text in the conversation. Conversations in both are sorted chronologically, with the most recent conversations at the top and the oldest conversations at the bottom.

    The key difference between the messaging apps is that Google Messages only displays one line of the latest text, whereas Samsung displays up to two lines.

    Samsung Messages has two tabs at the bottom of the screen: The first displays your conversations, and the second your contacts. Additionally, above the conversations, you have the option to add categories. Google Messages does not have either of these features and opts for a more simple, single-tab display.

    Archiving Messages

    You can swipe on a conversation in Google Messages to move it to the archive folder. This function can also be customized to delete the message instead. In contrast, Samsung Messages doesn’t feature a message archive folder.

    MMS or SMS

    Google Messages will display whether you are sending an SMS (a standard text) or MMS (a text with an attached file, photo, or video) while you are typing. Samsung Messages will not display whether you are sending an MMS or SMS but instead have a small caption under MMS messages after you send them.

    Unread Messages

    In both text messaging apps, an unread conversation has a dot on the right-hand side. In Google Messages, the unread message is also bold.

    Samsung Messages will also show the number of unread messages in each conversation on the right-hand side.

    Dark Mode

    Both apps have a dark mode option.

    Google Messages has a separate option to enable or disable dark mode. In contrast, Samsung Messages uses the One UI software (Samsung’s recent UI update), which means it will conform to your device’s current display mode.

    The Google Messages dark mode features a dark gray screen, while the Samsung Messages dark theme is black.


    Both text messaging apps support popup notifications on Samsung devices, includingSamsung Galaxy Watches. With both, you can press the notification to open the message in the app or the down arrow next to the timestamp to view the entire message and get a selection of options.

    Notificationsin Samsung Messages allow you to call the sender, mark the message as read, or view the message. It will also give you buttons with reply suggestions.

    Notifications in Google Messages only allow you to mark the message as read or view the message. However, it does have a feature that will let you copy one-time passwords or codes texted to you.

    Furthermore, Google Messages supports text bubbles, a feature that has the conversation in a “bubble” on the side of your screen so you can access it quickly and easily. Currently, Samsung Messages does not support text bubbles.

    Supported Message Types

    There is some discrepancy between the message types supported by Samsung Messages and Google Messages. While the majority are supported by both, Samsung supports more message types by a thin margin.

    Message Types Supported by Samsung Messages and Google Messages

    Both Samsung Messages and Google Messages support the following message types:

    1. Images
    2. Videos
    3. Audio Recordings
    4. Contacts
    5. Emojis
    6. Location
    7. Files
    8. Schedules Messages
    9. Message Subjects
    10. Stickers (only with Samsung Keyboard on Samsung Messages)
    11. GIFs

    Only Supported on Samsung Messages

    The following message types are supported only on Samsung Messages:

    1. Notes (Samsung Notes only)
    2. Events
    3. Quick Responses

    Only Supported on Google Messages

    The following message types are supported only on Google Messages:

    1. Smart Reply

    Rich Communication Services (RCS) Support

    RCS is a communication protocol or messaging service intended to replace SMS and MMS. Both Google Messages and Samsung Messages support RCS.


    The searching feature for Samsung Messages is straightforward. You can search in the main messages page to find contacts, conversations, or messages containing your search phrase or search in a conversation to search only that conversation.

    The Google Messages search feature has a bit more to it. If you tap thesearch iconon the main messages page, it will open a new page with a search bar at the top and two groups: people and categories.

    Under the people heading, the contacts you’ve messaged most recently will be listed.

    Under the categories heading, you have buttons for Starred, Images, Videos, Places, and Links. Tapping any of these buttons will open all of the items for that category that are in your messages. For example, tapping theImagesicon will open all the images you have sent or received. You can also search as usual.

    Internet Messaging

    Both text messaging apps allow you to send messages via Wi-Fi. Google Messages can use the internet to send and receive messages, send read receipts, inform the sender when you have started typing, and allow you to react to messages.

    Samsung Messages can send messages via the internet in a similar fashion. However, you must register to use it.

    The cross-compatibility of these features depends on the devices being used. Sending messages to the same app generally works well, but sending messages between Google Messages and Samsung messages is slightly less reliable.

    Unfortunately, because Apple iMessage (on iOS devices) uses a different messaging protocol, there are often issues when sending messages between it and Samsung Messages or Google Messages.

    Often, when an iPhone user receives a message from an Android app, iMessages reverts to SMS technology, which doesn’t support many contemporary messaging features.

    Spam Detection

    Both apps have their own spam detection for users. Google Messages uses its own service to protect users from spam, while Samsung Messages uses a service from Hiya.


    In addition to the features previously listed, Samsung Messages allows users to manage their notifications, quick responses, delivery reports, input mode, and message center.

    Google Messages allows users to toggle the outgoing sound, change the user’s country, manage group messaging, auto-download MMS, auto-download while roaming, and deliver reports.

    Additional Features in Samsung Messages

    As previously mentioned, the Samsung Messages app allows users to add categories to their messages. This enables users to group their contacts for ease of access. For example, you could add all your family members to a “Family” category, letting you access those messages in their own folder.

    Additional Features in Google Messages

    The Google Messages app uses AI to suggest replies to your latest message in a conversation.

    For example, if you receive a message saying, “Where are you?” Google Messages will give you options to tap, like “At work” or “I’m at home.” It will even suggest emojis and GIFs.

    Messages for Web is a Google messaging service like WhatsApp that allows users to send and receive text messages on their computers.

    Initially, the user will need to scan the app’s barcode to use this feature. The computer can then be saved for future use.

    Messages for Web contains many features such as dark mode, chat settings, notifications, and data warnings that are automatically synced with the app.

    Which Messaging App is Right For You?

    Now that you know the differences between the messaging apps, you can decide which one to use. While each app has its own benefits and limitations, they’re very similar in functionality and ease of use, so it just comes down to what your wants and preferences are.


    Google Messages vs Samsung Messages: Differences and Similarities? ›

    Google Messages will display whether you are sending an SMS (a standard text) or MMS (a text with an attached file, photo, or video) while you are typing. Samsung Messages will not display whether you are sending an MMS or SMS but instead have a small caption under MMS messages after you send them.

    What is the difference between Samsung and Google Messages? ›

    RCS Messaging

    Now, Android messages apps also offer the functionality to send messages over the internet. Thankfully, both Samsung and Google Messages support Rich Communication Services (RCS). However, while Google Messages is available worldwide, RCS on Samsung Messages is limited to carriers.

    Can you use both Samsung messages and Google Messages? ›

    With both the Samsung Messages app and the Google Messages app, you can send and receive messages over Wi-Fi or data.

    Why are there 2 different messages apps on Samsung? ›

    The reason for having two apps is because Android Messages is the default messaging app on many Android smartphones, including Samsung. However, Samsung provides its own messaging app, Samsung Messages, which has additional features and capabilities that may not be available on the default Android Messages app.

    What is the advantage of Google Messages? ›

    Google Messages offers other benefits that we've come to enjoy on most messaging apps. You can see a “delivered” and “read” status on sent messages, respond to specific messages in a chain, see if someone is typing, react to messages with emojis, and much more.

    Can I replace Samsung messages with Google Messages? ›

    Notably, you can install Google Messages on just about any Android phone including Samsung devices from the Play Store but Samsung Messages is only available for Samsung devices.

    Is Samsung discontinuing messages? ›

    Samsung confirmed to CNET that Samsung Messages will still be the default messaging app on the S21 phones in the US. But you'll still be able to download the Google Messages app in the Play Store to replace Samsung Messages if you want to.

    Will I lose my messages if I switch to Google Messages? ›

    First, you'll need an Android phone with Google's Messages app installed and set as the default text-messaging app. The first time you launch Messages, it will ask if you want to set it as your default app. Just follow the prompts and don't worry, you won't lose your conversation history by switching.

    What is the advantage of Android messaging that isn t available in Samsung messaging? ›

    Only Google Messages allows sending documents (up to 307KB only) and marking your messages as urgent. But with Samsung Messages, you can send calendar events via text or as a VCS file and send quick responses such as "What's up?", "How's it going?", "Sorry, I missed your call." and more.

    What is the difference between a text message and a SMS message? ›

    The first and biggest thing to know about the difference between SMS and text messages is that there is no difference. SMS, or Short Message Service, is a form of text message that's sent from one device to another.

    What is the default messaging app for Samsung? ›

    Google Messages for Android is the default Messaging app.

    What is the difference between Google Messages and Android messages? ›

    The User Interface (UI)

    The key difference between the messaging apps is that Google Messages only displays one line of the latest text, whereas Samsung displays up to two lines. Samsung Messages has two tabs at the bottom of the screen: The first displays your conversations, and the second your contacts.

    How private is Google Messages? ›

    Your 1:1 chat messages with your contacts are private and encrypted end-to-end. When you message someone who also has RCS chats turned on in Messages, your chat conversations automatically upgrade to end-to-end encryption. With end-to-end encryption, no one can read the content sent between you and the other person.

    Is Google Messages the same as SMS? ›

    Messages (formerly known as Android Messages) is an SMS, RCS, and instant messaging application developed by Google for its Android and WearOS mobile operating systems, while it's also available via the Web.

    Does Google Messages use data or SMS? ›

    Messages are considered texts and don't count toward your data usage. Your data usage is also free when you turn on chat features.

    Why is Google Messages the default app for Samsung? ›

    To create the best possible messaging experience for users — with a richer, more engaging communication experience that is consistent across platforms — Samsung is now making Messages the default messaging app for Galaxy S22 series users worldwide, giving them even better capabilities,” spokesperson Jordan Guthmann ...

    Which message app is best for S22? ›

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 series stands apart from many of its siblings as it has Google Messages set as the primary messaging app because of its Rich Communication Services (RCS) protocol support.

    What does the red dot mean on Samsung text messages? ›

    What does the dot mean on Samsung messages? The dot on Samsung Messages indicates that you have an unread message. To read it, open the app, then tap the conversation with the dot next to it. You can also customize your notification settings to indicate when a message has been received and read.

    Why are Samsung messages blue? ›

    For Samsung Galaxy S9/9+

    If a message appears in a blue bubble, it means the message was sent via Advanced Messaging. A teal bubble indicates a message sent via SMS or MMS.

    Why can't I use messages on my Samsung phone? ›

    To fix an Android that won't send text messages, try restarting it or checking for updates. Check if you've been blocked by the recipient, or if your carrier is having network issues. You can also try clearing the messages cache or making sure your SIM card is installed properly.

    Will the S22 have Google Messages? ›

    As you might know, in the states the Samsung Galaxy S22 line comes with the Google Messages app pre-installed. Unlike the messages apps offered by carriers like Verizon, Google Messages features Rich Communication Services (RCS) which gives it some of the same capabilities as Apple's Messages app.

    Why did Google change messages? ›

    Rather, the Messages icon has looked timeless for as long as that design stood. To reflect a relationship with the Phone and Contacts app, Google changed the icon design of all three with bubble-like shapes. Now, the Messages icon is made up of two ovals with one extending down as a speech bubble would.

    How long does Google Messages keep messages? ›

    Chat has a 30-day retention period that keeps messages for 30 days after they're deleted.

    Does Google keep a copy of my text messages? ›

    Before you switch phones, you can allow Google to backup your texts so you can restore your messages to a new phone. info Settings and features vary by device and Android version. The steps might be different on your phone.

    What are the two types of messages on Android? ›

    There are two types of text messages on mobile phones: SMS and MMS. The two aren't too different from each other; however, there are a few elements that stand out.

    What does Samsung use for text messages? ›

    Samsung Messages is the native messaging app for Samsung phones, and you can find it in the Galaxy Store.

    What does it mean when it says Samsung Android messaging? ›

    Android Message is an alternative messaging and message management system. You can use it to send SMS and MMS. Also, you can use it to chat through the RCS, send group messages, images, videos, and audios. The Android TM messaging system is available on all devices with the Android operating system.

    Why does S22 use Google Messages? ›

    Samsung integrating the Google Messages app means that you'll enjoy Rich Communication Services, which includes support for things like typing indicators, read receipts, and even the ability to identify when an iPhone user has reacted to a message.

    What is the default message type for Samsung? ›

    Both Android Messages and Samsung Messages apps default to SMS/MMS if Chat is unavailable.

    What is the difference between the two messages apps? ›

    Google Messages divides conversations into four categories: Personal, Transactions, OTPs, and Offers. Samsung Messages shows offers, transactions, and upcoming events under its Useful Cards tab in a design that's more glanceable while also allowing you to create categories manually.

    What are the three 3 types of messages? ›

    When communication occurs, it typically happens in one of three ways: verbal, nonverbal and visual.

    What is the difference between SMS and MMS? ›

    What's the difference between SMS vs. MMS? A text message of up to 160 characters without an attached file is known as an SMS, while a text that includes a file—like a picture, video, emoji, or a website link—becomes an MMS.

    What is Samsung messaging called? ›

    Use the Samsung Messages app on your Galaxy phone or tablet.

    Does Samsung use MMS or SMS? ›

    Samsung Galaxy S21 5G. You can send multimedia messages (MMS) with the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G . Follow the steps described here to send a multimedia message. Note: Sending multimedia messages may incur additional costs.

    Why are Samsung messages blue or green? ›

    If a message appears in a green bubble, it was sent via Advanced Messaging. A yellow bubble indicates a message sent via SMS or MMS. If a message appears in a blue bubble, it means the message was sent via Advanced Messaging.

    What can Samsung messages do? ›

    Send and receive text messages to and from Galaxy tablets and watches. Send group messages to and from Galaxy devices for new or existing conversations. Send and receive messages for current group chats. Learn how to turn on RCS chats in Messages.


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